Milisava Tertovich

I love being a producer.

I was as an agency producer for 15 years.

In early 2018 I started my own production company. 

HERE is my full resume.

Below are some very nice things people have said about me. 

Milisava is a breath of fresh air in our business. Not only is she extremely experienced, professional, and trusted, she has fun doing it. She has an infectious personality and she's truly someone you want to be around all the time. Milisava has your back no matter where you are or what you're making, she's someone you want, and need, on your side! - Director

Milisava is a natural in the world of production. She’s organized, efficient, resourceful and will get the job done no matter what the level of complexity. She a ROCKSTAR of her producer! - Producer

Milisava makes producing a tornado-like shoot look like a relaxing lakeside afternoon stroll. - Producer

Milisava is not only lovely in character, she passionately cares about the job at hand, and sees every detail through from start to finish.  She is able to fairly balance both agency and photographer needs, to create an outcome that was a win for all sides.  It was our absolute pleasure to work on projects with Milisava, there should be more producers like her. - Agent